My favourite school poem


Thanks to the Lovewell Family I posted a challenge to write a school poem. I have picked Ollie has my winner so he will get a copy of the book. His poem has terrific energy in the short snappy lines and takes you travelling through the length and breadth of a school day. Wonderful!




Up in the morning,

Hair in a mess.

Frantically eating,

Then getting dressed.

Walk to school,

A skip in my step.

Write at school,

Pencil getting shorter.

Read at school,

Eyes getting tired.

Division at school,

Brain working hard.

Art at school,

Painting my feelings,

Filling in space.

Finish the day,

Bell blaring out joy.

Us kids shout hooray,

But I stay,

Hoping, waiting,

For the next day.

Author: Ollie

School: Gladstone Primary School

Age: 11

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