Hurray …. I am on the road …

Today I am heading to Hamilton for National Poetry Day!  Maybe I will some of you at Books for Kids.

On Monday I am on the road in Auckland with three other authors for the Storylines Tour. Exciting! I am going to quite a few schools north east west and south! I get to stay at a hotel in the c  i   t  y! I will get to do city things for a change.

Then, THANKS to the New Zealand Book Council, I am flying south to visit the schools who won the Third Fabulous Poetry Competition.

I will then have four days in Christchurch (two days at winning Russley School) as well as visiting a couple of others.

The following week I am flying to Wellington to visit the winning Te Aro School for two days and a couple of other schools added.

That is three weeks on the road — I am back home to visit the Auckland winner, Gladstone School, for two days.


This will be a test for me as i don’t have a laptop so it is going to be a little trickier keeping up my blog.

I can post travel snapshots but I don’t know that i can post your poems and photos.


 .. … ….. watch this space and see what I post …. but I am about to post the Letterbox Cat poem winners …



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