I am celebrating National Poetry Day with some of your Letterbox Cat poems. They blew my socks off and away with the wild west wind.

Happy Poetry Day!

What a swag of poems I got for The Letterbox Cat challenge. I gave you the first lines from some of my poems in my new book  and then you made up your own. Wow! I loved reading them all. The poets at Selwyn House School in Christchurch are sizzling. And a terrific bunch of poems arrived from a Year 2 class at Ormond School in Gisborne. So many to choose from. I said I was going to pick ten but I have stretched it to 14.

If you missed out on getting your poem posted this time please try more of my challenges. There were so many wonderful poems!

Today is National Poetry Day. What better way to celebrate than by posting this stunning bunch of poems and by sending ALL these young poets a copy of my new book.

I will be in Hamilton doing a workshop for secondary students, a bookshop reading for children and a poetry reading for adults. A busy poetry day!

Congratulations. I think all these poems are magnificent. The words dart and slither and leap. Some of these poems made me laugh and some surprised me. A knitting group on a subway? Amazing! And so many ways to make a cloud poem sing! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.

a jack in the box

Jack in the box

helps you to hide

when you play

hide and seek

Ben A Year 2, Ormond School


twitching tail

Twitching tail

of the snake

it is a

dangerous snake

it can bite you

Myles Year 2, Ormond School



The clouds

are moving

in the sky

really high

and slow

Taylor Year 2, Ormond School



The rain comes from the clouds

when it is raining

The sun comes out

and it shines in my eyes

but just a little bit

And it makes

the grass sparkle too

Rheannon Year 2, Ormond School


The Day the Clouds Changed

The clouds are moving

The clouds are moving, moving, moving,

They turned orange, orange, orange,

And blue.

They changed rubbery, rubbery, rubbery.

Words formed on them

And they split up.

They started talking, talking, talking.

They changed from blue

To black, black, black

And they fell.

Daisy Year 2 Ilam School, Christchurch


Subway Knitting

On a blue day the subway fills with people

The last carriage is teeming

With people.

People holding their needles

Their thread

Their wool

Streams of knitted goodness flow throughout

The carriage.

Homeless men

Pregnant women

Teens and kids

Aged 3

All bring their wool

To knit.

The subway knitting group

Was formed

On a blue day.

Kathleen Year 7, Selwyn House School, Christchurch


Jack in the Box

A Jack in the box,

Just like a fox.

Secretly stalking,

Strong as an Ox.

But when his song stops,

He pops out of his box,

His small metal home.

Pop goes the weasel!

Jack can upheaval,

His heavy iron roof.

And when he is done,

Finished his play,

He pulls down his lid,

And starts a new day.

Ollie Year 6, Gladstone School, Auckland


Magic Hat

If you put your hat

on my hand

all your dreams

will come true

in a way

that it will never do

You might find mermaids

in your bedroom.

Or seals in the kitchen.

You might think

that there’s only one tree

but there’s four.

Ruby, age 6, Year 2, Ilam School, Christchurch


What This Cat Does

Twitching tail,

Catnip plants

Eating, sleeping,

Jumping dance

Chasing birds,

Drinking milk

Testing hats and tearing silk.

Playing with yarn

and climbing walls

Escaping water,

Clawing balls

Swiping curtains,

Watching lights

This little cat afraid of heights.

Kate Age 9, Year 5, Selwyn House School


Perfectly Sensefilled Poem

If you put your hat under a mat,

It might fall into the hands of a rat.

If you put your dress in a chest,

You might make a big mess.

If you sent you shoes on a cruise,

You might be confused.

If you sent your jersey on a train to Turkey,

You might be feeling topsy-turvy.

If you put your togs in a bog,

Remember to wear your clogs.

If you had a chat with your cat,

Well who wouldn’t do that!

Isabella Age 11, Year 7, Selwyn House


Twitching Tail

Twitching Tail,

Twitching Tail,

Back and fourth,

Back and fourth,

Up and Down,

Up and Down,

Round and round,

Round and round,

Wait and POUNCE,

Wait and POUNCE,

Scratch and bite,

Scratch and bite,

Ears right back,

Ears right back,

Twitching Tail,

Twitching Tail,

Run away!

Run away!

Twitching Tail,

Twitching Tail,

Not Again!!!

Venetia age 11, Year 6, Gladstone School, Auckland


My mirror world

Imagine if you could fall at dusk,

Towards the trees and grass,

Towards the colours of the setting sun.

For a split second you touch,

a perfect replica of the world above,

As you dive into the amazing place,

you send ripples on the surface,

of my perfect mirror world.

Eliza age 12, Year 7, Selwyn House School


What my brother told me

If you put your hat,

In the bath,

It gets wet

That is what my brother told me

If you put your wetsuit,

On the windowsill

It dries off

That is what my brother told me

If you put your coat,

In the cupboard

It gets dusty

That is what my brother told me

But if you put your phone,

In my room

It will get broken

That is what my brother told me

Hana age 12, Selwyn House School


Imagine That!

Imagine if you were a knight in a castle,

rich with tonnes of gold.

With big heavy iron armour clashing and clanging in war.

With your big heavy shield and your shiny sword,

All you will see is old classic gore!

Or imagine if you were a super hero,

flying higher than anyone else.

Fighting the most evil villains of all time.

With your crime fighting talent

you would catch evil and put it in jail!

Or imagine if you were spy,

hunting down the most difficult mysteries in the world.

With all the cool light flashing, tracking, shooting, spraying gadgets to help you.

On your missions with lasers and traps!

Imagine that!

Javier, Year 5, Aged 10 St Patrick’s Catholic School, Taupo

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