My Storylines visit to Royal Road School was a poetry hot spot!

At Royal Road School I got welcomed with a terrific speech and farewelled with a terrific thank you. So well written and researched. Bravo young students!

I loved the way you joined in the sound effects with such a good beat and the way you added lines to the poems we made up.

I thought the school hall was sizzling with poetry.  So I just loved it. Congratulations Royal Road.

Here is the poem you made up:


The Bonnet Macaque

What does the bonnet macaque store in her pocket?

Does she store

kittens and mittens

facts and cracks

crocodiles and bathroom tiles

grapes and apes

fluffy cats and chubby rats

frogs and logs

rhinos and linos

a swarm of bees and chimpanzees

ants in her pants?


photo photo photo photo







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