Storylines Tour Day 2 was tip top

First up Mt Carmel School with warm welcomes. Fifteen minutes is not long but Juliette McIver is so good at hooking her audience with the elastic rhymes of her picture books. I love these books! And her toucan hat. Poetry was sizzling and simmering. Then we had a lovely morning tea with the Associate Principal. A great school to visit.

At Epsom Normal Juliette and I spoke to about 60 keen senior writers. I talked about small poems and sound in poems and read some from my new book. All the time the students were secretly making up small poems in their heads……they recited them at the end to my surprise. It was a flurry of poems a hot pot of poems that skimmed and skimmied and shone. Can’t wait to get poems from this group of passionate writers We loved our books on display and loved the fruit and sandwiches for lunch. Another great school to visit.

(All the photos below are from St Francis School)
When we arrived at St Francis School we were met by a happy bee! I was delighted to see a table with my books in the hall……..even my brand new one! That makes an author feel special.

The students in the hall were full to the brim with poetry —-and a class even read me some afterwards. They had been inspired by a poem in Flamingo Bendlingo. Such good poems I hope to post them on Monday when I am back home for a day. I loved the poetry energy in this tip top audience.

It was a great day.





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