Children read at the Open Mic session in Hamilton on Poetry Day

I was delighted to see children write their names on the open-mic list at the event I did in Hamilton. Mia had to rub her name off when she discovered she won the children’s section of the poetry competition and got to read as a winner. John Newton picked her winning poem. It was a great event. Mia and Ciaran both read their poems beautifully.

Screen shot 2014-08-30 at 5.03.02 PM



Balloons Over Waikato

Eager pilots release the propane gas, unleashing a torrent of roaring flames.

Slowly the multi-coloured spheres ascend into an orange and yellow sky, painted by the morning sun.

Proudly they soar over the earth, filling the air with majestic orbs of colour.

Stunned passengers, excited to ride in the balloons, cling to the edges and watch the trees morph into shapeless smudges.

Children shout and point in delight, while others chase the balloons through the park and watch as they drift over houses and disappear into the distance.

Written by Ciaran Watson
Year 6, Age 10
Woodstock School, Fairfield Road, Hamilton

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