Poems that were inspired by The Letterbox Cat and other things at Russley School

My visit to Russley School in Christchurch was such fun as I said last week. We made up poems using some of mine as starting points and other poems that explored sound. Here are some of them:

Year 0-2

When I Get Cold

When I get cold
I get sea bumps

When I get very cold
I get skyscraper bumps

When I get very, very cold
I get dinosaur bumps

When I get very, very, very cold
I get shark bumps

When I get very, very, very, very cold
I get elephant bumps



Lightning rain

Heavy rain

Rain falls

Blue rain

Hailing rain

Icy rain


Rain makes puddles

Rain drops on your head

Rain bangs

Rain makes patterns

Monster rain

Snow rain

Salty rain

Sparkly rain

Rain splashes

Rain is freezing


Years 3 and 4

The Kiwi

Digging in soil

Sharp beak

Hiding in bushes

Brown, spiky

Sleeping all day

Spiky like a prickly bush

Scchh, scchh, schhh

Sharp claws

Fluffy as a cat’s fur

Scruffy feathers


What a crazy kiwi!


The Crazy Animals

The bear-bee makes honey

The zeb-raffee is very stripy

The dog-pup likes playing

The hu-mouse likes roses

The rhi-shark likes water

The eagle-shark likes fish

The tiger-mouse like running

The bat-fly likes flying

The donkey-drag likes warm fire


Years 5 and 6


Feathery Body
Padding gentle giant
Wings hang lifelessly
As brown as mud
Stick legs running
As brown as a bear
Runs like a bullet train
Tall like a skyscraper
Flightless creature
Big and Feathery

In The Bonnet Macaques Cheek Pockets!

Sulking fish and whining whales
Good hops and bad pops
Swimming trucks and warm ducks
Flying pigs and oil rigs
Fluffy puppies and annoying guppies
Bull frogs and bull dogs
Annoying cats and laughing rats
Hot dogs and mustard logs


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