Back home after three weeks on the road

Such fun to hit the road (and the skies!) and visit NZ schools. A big thank you to Storylines and The New Zealand Book Council and all the schools that welcomed me into their libraries, halls and classrooms. I met inspired teachers and inspiring students. It was slightly scary but fabulous fun reading poems I have never read out loud before from The Letterbox Cat. Even though I sounded like a sick frog. I still sound like a sick frog! Sadly sick frogs can’t run at the beach with the black sand and the wild waves. But they can write blogs and read books and watch movies in a cosy room.

Now I have a four weeks back home to recharge my batteries, refuel my energy tank and stop sounding like a sick frog before it is time for A Hot Spot Poetry of New Zealand.

This is on my ‘to do’ list!

1. Pick the children reading with me on the tour.

2. Sort out the schools performing poems on the tour.

3. Post my challenge for A Treasury of NZ Poetry for Children.

4. Finish all the Treasury author interviews and chase those I haven’t got yet.

5. Share some new books with you.

6. Post all my favourite poems from the recent challenges.

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