My favourite short short poems

Thank you for the bundle of short poems you sent me. I couldn’t post them all but I have posted a lot! It is like a little box of chocolates with many different tastes. I love the echo between the bell ringing and the bird tweeting in Ewen’s poem. And Thomas’s poem with teeth! Oh and Corey’s sky. And the way Olivia’s things that go together made me feel warm inside. And Jackson’s c r u c h i e bar!

It was so so hard to choose a young poet to send a book to … but I have picked Lily. I am sending her a copy of Our Big Box, the book Gemma Lovewell wrote and had published when she was five (now she is eight). Thispoem felt like it has been around for ever. It felt just right. Maybe Lily will write her own book! Thanks to the Lovewell famly for donating this.

I sat down to write a short poem,

I ended up on the internet.

‘I try to be productive but for some reason it never works!’ –By Rusheen, age 12, year eight, Brooklyn School


Chirp of a bird;

a school bell ringing.

Ewen aged 12,  Year 7, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch

The thing that wasn’t there

the thing that wasn’t there

it might just disappear

so it looks like thin air

Lily Year 4 Age 8 Fendalton School 

Things that go with Things

marshmallow on sticks

fire goes with logs

I go with mum,

I love them

Olivia Wang Year 4 Age 9 Fendalton School, Christchurch



Black teeth

White teeth

Monster teeth

Timmy’s teeth

Dirty teeth

Poems with teeth.

Thomas Year 4 age 8 Fendalton School  


feel the crunch

beneath your teeth

and the lumps

like goose bumps

Jackson Year 4 Age 8 Fendalton School 


machines go




working through the night

Jackson Year 4 Age 8 Fendalton School 

Thomas  Year 4 age 8 Fendalton School  

Tank my dog is really clumsy

sitting in his dinner

weet-bix on his head

By Colin, age 9, Prospect School

Spider Angel

A spider making an eight legged snow angel

coughs and takes his last breath

Emma, Selwyn House School, Christchurch


Ocean blue,

And poppy red.

Sunset orange,

When I’m in bed.

Isis, 11 years old, Selwyn House School

The Goldfinch

Among the grass

Lay a goldfinch

Trying to fly high

Caitlin Age 9, St Andrews College


Yellow spongy man,

Works in Krusty Crab,

Golden spatula flips patties,

Pineapple is home.

By Andrew Year 3 Prospect School

the night sky

the darkness of the night, the stars twinkled

the wind shimmered, the night sky

Cory Mcelwee Forrest Hill School           

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