dream-bike poems

When I was visiting Russley School in Christchurch I read my bike poem from Macaroni Moon and we brainstormed cool dream bikes. It was such fun I went back and wrote another dream-bike poem of my own and then invited you to. Here are some of my favourites. I am sending Ysabella a copy of my new book, The Letterbox Cat and Other Poems. I loved the marshmallow pillow Ysabella. I also found Amelia’s Christchurch poem very moving. Congratulations everyone I really enjoyed reading these.\

My Dream Bicycle

My dream bicycle made of silver and gold, so strange to the touch and so light to hold.  It takes me to my mind and takes me to my dreams, it takes me to my place where impossible lies ahead.  Green granite, pink granite and purple sand lies inside my place, so do aliens, gods and many many more, but oh no.  Here comes the call of my mother telling me to do the dishes and I find myself just sitting on my chair.

Frank does creative writing at Ilam School – he is 7 and in year 3.


My Dream Bike

A white windshield

Two white wheels

A green brake pedal

A red reservoir level

An electric bell

A multi-coloured shell

Yellow spokes

Silver forks

A golden chain

A high tech brake

All this you will find,

On my dream bike.

Arya, age 10, year 5, Gladstone Primary School


The Bicycle of Friendship

My dream bicycle

has a toy in my basket

that keeps me calm and relaxed.

The bicycle could do cartwheels

on the clouds.

The bicycle has flowers

and a picture

of my special friends

on it.

My bicycle reminds me

of my friends and family.

By Umi Age 8  Year 3  Ilam School (Christchurch)


My Dream Bike

Riding above the clouds

with butterfly wings instead

of wheels. Love heart

control buttons instead of

handles, a fluffy cushion

instead of a seat.

Pictures of fairies, flowers

and NATURE painted all

over it. When I

land, there will always

be a giant marshmallow

for me to rest

on. When I wake

up I could eat

the marshmallow, jump onto

my bike and set

off on my next


By Ysabella Age 7  Year 3 Ilam School  (Christchurch)


Dear  Paula Green

My name is Amelia.  I am 9 years old and I go to Selwyn House School in Christchurch.  I love creative writing and poems. I would like to enter the dream bicycle competition with this poem about Christchurch.

Christchurch Poem

Cones and arrows everywhere.

Town afflicted by the earthquake’s share.

People killed, lives saved.

Buildings toppled, houses fallen.

I watch from my dream bicycle, amazing of all sorts,

as I pedal round the world of ruins.

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