Visiting Gladstone School …. The winner of the Third Fabulous Poetry Competition

Today and tomorrow I am visiting the winning Auckland school.

Year 3 and 4 came up with some great poems with me. We road tested endings which was fun. We were on the hunt for endings that surprised us or made us laugh. It was a wonderful session with zipping imagination and darting words.


Straw hat
Beach hat
Hay hat
Peach hat
Top hat
Big hat
Cop hat
Sun hat
Skinny hat
Fruit hat
Give them all a pat!

The Cheek Pocket

What does the bonnet macaque
store in its cheek pocket?
Microphones and big bones
moons and spoons
snakes and rakes
crocodiles and scaly reptiles
figs and twigs
top hats and fat cats
broken bags and country flags
round heads and wiggly beds
dining tables and horse stables?
But I am sure it’s pigs!


The Komodo snail
is slow and fast.

The Zepanther
is stripy and black.

The whalbird
likes to fly and swing.

The snakemouse
likes to eat cheese.

The allicat
is spiky and sneaky.

The eagledile
shows its toothy smile.

The octosect
likes to crawl.

The cowster
crows in the morning.

I wonder if they’re
friends with the foxasaurus?

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