Y5 and Y6 at Gladstone School make up poems in the wild wind with m

The hour just whizzed and whirred by as we made up poems at Gladstone School.

Outside the wind and rain were trying to drown out the poems so we made up a wind poem. We were on the hunt for words that sounded good together as though we were making musical chords.


Grim wind
Strong wind
Blustering wind
Thundering wind
Long wind
Rustly wind
Aching wind
Raging wind
Blustery wind
Thin wind


The kiwi
night time scavenger,
dark starry night
tiny greedy eyes
fluffy cloud,


Fat cat
jumping like a Jack cat
drooling on the mat cat
twisting and turning
wears a tall top hat
standing on his head cat
eating on a welcome mat,
tree cat!

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