The Animix Zoo from Gladstone School sounds so very very good I want to say it out loud this instance

I loved doing workshops at Gladstone School today. Some great poems, some of which will be read on my Hot Spot Poetry Tour event in Auckland. This means my Third Fabulous Poetry Competition is now over and I can have a wee rest before getting on with my Hot Spot Tour planning again. As some of you know i have been sick with a fierce winter bug so I might not answer your emails straight away. Time to sleep and sleep and dream of new poems I think.

One of the classes after my session yesterday got inspired to write this poem (after my Anifable poem). I love the imagination at work and I love the juicy sounds that are like little musical chords. Great job on this poem young poets, I really loved reading it. You made my day and so nice to see you share it with your Principal. All Principals should have poems read to them, I reckon!

The Animix Zoo

The Crococat snaps and naps,

The Mouseafrog leaps and creeps,

The Rhinobull rages and charges,

The Tigersaurus is carnivorous,

The Octopup chases its tails,

The Cheetaquail is fast and frail,

The Doggadile lurks and barks,

The Crocodog begs and basks,

The Elephorse can stomp and clop

The Hippopig wallows in slop,

The Crocoduck like to spy and dive

The Rhinobird can charge and glide

The Chickapups can peck and pant,

Wait til you see the SabreAnt!

The Parrowhale can screech and breach.

(But the Lionsnake is totally fake.)

Screeching, loud, with a spying feature –

I’m pretty sure one is my teacher!

Crazy creatures at the Zoo,

But what will happen to me and you?

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