Play in the Garden is a tip top book


Play in The Garden: Fun projects for kids to enjoy outdoors  Sarah O’Neil  New Holland

Sarah O’Neill has created a wonderful book to draw children into the garden.

It is beautifully produced with gorgeous photos, top tips, interesting facts and easy instructions.

Sarah got her two young boys, Tim and Joey, to help her along the way.

photo 1 photo 3

This is what you are in store for:

The book is in four sections: Gardening basics, Spring, Summer, Autumn (in winter you can let your garden sleep maybe!)

There are fascinating topics: Dirt Shake, Soil sausages, Worm Hunt, Growing Giants, Mdieval Brd Scarer, Bean Teepee (that you can hide in), Treasure Hunt, Square Cucumbers, Wind Chimes, Marrow Boats, Sprinkler Fun, Corn Husk People, Three-Storey Bug Hotel and much much more.

There are fascinating facts:  Lightning can help keep plants alive! Ancient Greeks thought basil would only grow if you yelled at it really loudly. In Britain in the Middle Ages they used real-boy scarecrows to scare birds away!

These fun projects will get you into the garden. I love gardening but my veggie garden is a bit of a mess at the moment. I need to weed and feed the soil and plan what i will plant for summer.

I love this book so much I am keeping it for myself so you will have to get a copy of yourself. Let me know how your gardening goes!

Write me a poem about it. Or a vegetable poem. Or a garden poem.

DEADLINE for your Garden-Poem Challenge: Sunday October 12th

Send to Include your name, year, age and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email. PLEASE say it’s for the Garden-Poem challenge.

I will post my favourites and have a book prize for a poet (Year 0 to Year 8).

photo 5 photo 2 photo 4

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