Freedom to Read at Porirua LIbrary

Bee Trudgeon, the Children’s Librarian at Porirua Library, invited me to contribute my thoughts on their Freedom to Read topic for a poetry competition they are currently running. She has posted them on her Bee’s Bookish Blog. What a great idea for a poem!

The question was part of a larger interview that they will post just before I do my event at the library.

I am so looking forward to visiting this library; a library that actively draws the local community into the world of books and words.

You can read my answer here.  What do you think about the topic?

Here is the flyer for the event

Screen shot 2014-10-08 at 9.10.31 AM

2 thoughts on “Freedom to Read at Porirua LIbrary

  1. Bee

    Dear Paula… one of the primary ways Porirua Library celebrates the freedom to read is by demystifying the lives of the writers who use their freedom to write, casting their work in a more intimate context for their readers. We value Poetry Box as a place where this occurs in a constant fashion, and writer visits as a highly occasional, celebratory way to do this. Your Porirua fans await! Bee


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