A blustery day, a busy day, a brimming with poetry day in Wellington

Four things today and not much sleep.

But it was just wonderful. A warm welcome at Brooklyn School in a mini hall packed with nearly all the school. The hour and poems whizzed by and the poems we made up were delicious, inventive, playful.


Next up Ngaio School to work Y5 and 6 classes with their bounding vocabularies and simmering imaginations. Again wonderful poems taking shape. Afterwards I had lunch with the group of students I had a NZ Book Council Skype session with while I listened to their polished poems. I have got used to reading poems from The a Letterbox Cat but not The Treasury yet. So many to choose from. Bernice had made a divine sandwich for my lunch with a green-goddess dressing. Just what I needed after not much sleep.

Third stop was Adventure School in Whitby where I got to visit Room 1 and see their cool popcorn poems. I even got a present made by the Lovewell
Family. A bag of homemade word biscuits to make into a poem and then eat! I have photographed the poem I made.

Final stop Porirua Library to read poems to children and parents. We even made a poem up as a gift for the library. There is an a m a z I n g librarian here and her name is Bee. She is full of the joy of books and ready to share it in her children’s section. Such a lovely, warm atmosphere. She even took me out for a cup of tea and an everything-slice (the best!).

I was sad to leave everywhere because I had such fun in each place.

But I am glad to get out a book and have an extra quiet night.

Tomorrow I am at The Children’s Bookshop in Kilbirnie at 10.30. Come and say hello.





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