Children’s bookshop in Kilbirnie

Yesterday morning a lovely wee group showed up to hear me read a few poems. So nice to meet Ruth and John and explore their inviting shop. They have a very good display of poetry books and I ended up buying some books.

A Corner of a Foreign Field: The Illustrated Poetry of the First World War (surprisingly this has poems by both women and men as John showed me) picked by Fiona Waters

Poets of World War I picked by Rupert Smith

Roald Dahl’s Dirty Beasts

Once Upon an Alphabet: Short stories for all the letters of the alphabet by Oliver Jeffries (I am especially excited by this one and the little stories are like little poems. I open this book and my skin pricks and I just want to start writing)

On my tour I am collecting book tips. Bernice Williams who teaches at Ngaio School recommended these two Mal Peet picture (story) books. Great illustrations.

Cloud Tea Monkeys
Mysterious Traveller

This morning though I am having a lazy start to my day and am reading Joy Cowley’s novel Speed of Light. Hope I finish it today.




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