Nelson where I meet the oldest poet in the book for lunch

Lovely day yesterday in picturesque Nelson. The sun was shining and the hills were gleaming green as I drove out to Mahana School. I didn’t know that Shirley Gawith lived opposite with her daughter and son-in-law but they found out I was coming and invited me for lunch. Such a special time. Yummy food and good conversation Shirley was a delight and at 91 she has a sparkling wit. A great sense of hour. She didn’t want to talk about herself she wanted to talk about me but I managed to ask a few questions and will post an interview when I get home. She had a stack of poems for me to read. So it was a very special lunch.

Then off to Mahana School which is tucked in a gorgeous country spot. The whole school (75) just bubbled with poetry. Friendly teachers, warm atmosphere. I didn’t know when I organised the visit that it was the school my mum went to. So very special.

A visit to Page & Blackmore Bookshop to finish off. I had never heard Rachel Bush and Melanie Drewery read before and that was a treat. Some students from St Joseph’s read poems and they were terrific. A wonderful occasion.

Thank you for a lovely visit.

I am now at the airport about to fly to Christchurch. Exciting!

One thought on “Nelson where I meet the oldest poet in the book for lunch

  1. annie

    And we so enjoyed meeting and talking with you Paula. It was an honour to have you visit our home and share lunch with us. All best wishes for a great time in the beautiful south Island


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