A Christchurch highlight

This morning I went to Ilam School and did poems with the Middle and Senior School which was such fun. They broke a few records, made dome terrific poems up and won a few challenges. It was so nice to see the girls that read with me last night. Ysabella had got a copy of The Letterbox Cat for a challenge she did on the blog so she gave me her book of poems as a ‘thank you’ present. Her dad came to listen and take a photo of the both of us. I was so touched. It was hard to get away as everyone had extra questions and poems for me to read but I had to skedaddle to the lovely children (Y2to 4) at Lyttelton School. We made up a gorgeous rain poem. At the end again there were so many great questions. One girl had her copy of The Letterbox Cat and said nearly every poem was her favourite. It was true! She had bent the pages of all her faves and like she said, it was nearly the whole book. That meant heaps to me.

Oh lovely Christchurch maybe I will get to come back. Like I said at the event last night you really are my poetry hit spot. Will tell you about the event soon.


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