Biscuit poems

Room One at Adventure School made this biscuit poem which fits my Treasury Challenge to write a poem and put in a fascinating place or write it with fascinating materials. I couldn’t take a screen shot of poem so you will have to read the biscuits! Great idea from Robyn Lovewell.





One thought on “Biscuit poems

  1. Robyn Lovewell

    Play With Your Words

    Poems smile at you
    Playfully words jump around
    Poems fall like leaves
    Fast dragons carry words
    Imagine, then write on
    Let words become dreams
    Poems make banging
    Words fly really fast
    Listen to enjoy poems
    Think while you work
    Words dance into action
    The page dances off
    Poems make kids happy
    Trees grow like poems
    Poem lines bouncing across
    The world of words
    Help poems become real.

    By Room 1, Adventure School


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