The Treasury Interviews: Joely, Caitlin, Sophie and Laila from Lyttelton Primary School interview Ruth Paul

About Us:

Our names are Joely, Caitlin, Sophie and Laila. We come from Lyttelton Primary School, in Christchurch. We are in Team Tuatara, two classes of Year 3/4’s, working together in a Modern Learning Environment. We are Year Fours. We love to research things and we also love to do literacy and numeracy.


Ruth Paul 2104

About Ruth Paul:

Ruth Paul is a children’s picture book writer and illustrator. She works from a straw bale studio in the middle of a paddock just outside Wellington, New Zealand. She loves to talk to schools, in person or via the internet.


The Interview

What is your favourite book that you have written?

At the moment, my favourite published books are the Flash ones (Bad Dog Flash, Go Home Flash – the last one due out in October) because they are about my dog as a puppy. He makes me laugh. However, I also love the book I am presently working on called “By Bye Grumpy Fly” because it is still in the fun development stage (and I can still make lots of changes).

What is your best-selling book?

My Dinosaur Dad, Stomp, Bad Dog Flash, Hedgehog’s Magic Tricks – they all sell well.

Why did you decide to be an author/illustrator?

I was always good at art at school, but not brilliant, and I had a family that liked talking a lot. I remember loving the family stories, and the stories my Dad made-up to tell me. My Mum was good at drawing princesses and ballerinas. Combined with the fact that I am sometimes too stroppy to be bossed around, being a self-employed author and illustrator makes sense for me.

How did you feel writing My Dinosaur Dad?

My Dinosaur Dad was in response to a request for a book for Father’s Day. Time was short, the money was good, and I’d already worked out how to draw dinosaurs. The poem had been lurking for a while so it came together quickly. For the first time, I even hired my friend, the excellent illustrator Harriet Bailey, to help me do the photoshop colouring so I could get the book out on time.

When did you become an author/illustrator?

It’s a progression. I have an English degree and a Diploma in Visual Communications Design (specialising in illustration). I illustrated for commercial projects when I first left Polytech (now Massey). I illustrated three books for other children’s writers, and then started writing my own. I’ve been doing my own books since 2004.

What was the first book you wrote?

The Animal Undie Ball.

What was your favourite book when you were young?

Amelia Bedelia (the original one, written by the mum of the guy who now publishes some horrible related series). Rikki Tikki Tembo. Are You My Mother? Horton Hears a Who. A Treasury of Poetry/Stories etc illustrated by Hilda Boswell. All the 1960’s classics!

Thank you Ruth Paul!

from Joely, Laila, Sophie and Caitlin

Note from Paula: What a fabulous interview thank you Lyttelton writers and Ruth. Ruth has a cool poem in the book called ‘Sparkle.’ I have a copy of Stomp! and Bad Dog Flash to someone who comments on this interview and tells me why they would like these books. Thanks to Scholastic.

two-little-pirates ghf-cover bad-dog-flash stomp the-kings-bubbles rhs-cover two-little-pirates

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