The Christchurch event was wonderful

Just as well we changed venues as around 200 plus turned up. Russley School was a perfect substitute. Lots of great poems read by local poets and children. I was especially thrilled with the performance of poems from both The Letterbox Cat and The Treasury by Russley School and Fendalton School. Great costumes and props. Not complicated but such fun. The final act was a performance of Apirana Taylor’s ‘haka. ‘ The strength in the performers as the poem rose in them was magnificent. Gavin Bishop, Bill Nagelkirke, Doc Drumheller, James Norcliffe and Helen Jacobs read and switched some onto poetry for the first time. (with apologies from Fiona Farrell) I didn’t get many photos as I was on stage mostly but here a few. It was a very special night.

Great to have young poets, Skye, Henry, Alex and Caleb, read their poems from the Treasury and Monica and Ewen read their poems at the back of The Letterbox Cat. Special!
Thanks so much to hard working Melanie Koster and Russley School for hosting the event and to all the teachers and pupils who worked so creatively getting the performances and poems shining. Extra work in your busy busy school lives. Thanks to Amy from Fendalton who got her students performing poems that were an utter delight and to Dean from Russley School who did the exact same.

I salute you all.





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