The Treasury Interviews: Room 5 at Bayswater Primary interview Peter Millet

Room 5’s Biography:

We are a year 5/6 class at Bayswater Primary on the Devonport Peninsula of the North Shore. We love reading and have a book club on Fridays where we share what we are reading with the class. This week we are learning to take care of ourselves and others by looking after an egg! (It is harder than it sounds) Last term we wrote poems around the themes of Duty and Adventure to commemorate World War One. We are looking forward to interviewing Peter Millet and finding out if he did adopt a cricket after all.*



Peter Millet’s Biography: Peter Millet’s favourite football teams are the All Whites and Tottenham Hotspurs. He doesn’t have a pet, but is thinking about adopting a cricket. Peter’s favourite colour is blue, although it was aqua. One of his favourite authors is Roald Dahl. He is nearly two metres tall and has never been to space. If Peter could have a super power he would choose invisibility, so he could get out of doing the dishes. He is the author of the Boy Zero Wannabe Hero series and The Anzac Puppy. When he writes his books Peter is helped by his wife Ruth, who co-writes and also edits them.


The Interview:

What was the first book you ever wrote? Earlybird. It’s the story about a chicken I won in a raffle at Hauraki Primary school when I was 10.

How many books and poems have you written? My first published poem was written when I was ten. ‘There’s a Snake in my Coffee’ was printed in The NZ Herald. I was even paid for it! Since then I have written two books (Humpty Rugby and Moa’s Ark) that contain poetry and about thirty other books that are normal prose.

What inspired you to become a writer? Listening to my teacher read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And also listening to Pam Ayers read funny poems on the radio.

Where do you get your inspiration for your stories and poems? My family. Pets. My uncle’s farm. The outdoors. And TV and movies!

How did you become a writer? My wife who is a teacher taught me everything I know about being a writer.

What’s your  favourite story or poem that you have written?

Favourite story – The Anzac Puppy

Favourite poem – ‘Moa’s Ark’

What’s your favourite story or poem by another author?

Favourite story – Bad Jelly the Witch by Spike Milligan

Favourite poem – ‘I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth’ by Pam Ayers

*Cricket adoption update: No cricket yet, but a skink ran into our house and has been hiding for a while now. I’m not sure what to feed him. I think I will call him Larry.

Thanks Peter and Room 5 for a terrific interview. You will find several of Peter’s poems in A Treasury of NZ Poems for Children. They make me laugh! It was hard to pick which ones to include.

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