Golden Sands School, poems on the beach, poems in a Turkish cafe

A fabulous time in Papamoa and Tauranga.

Yesterday I visited my wild card entry in my Hot Spot Poetry Tour: Golden Sands School in Papamoa. What a glorious day. Sophie and Charleese were there to meet me with a little dance and a guided tour of the school.


Olivia had written one of the letters that had persuaded me to pick this town and school. And this was a school with a big heart; with warmth and welcome.


Lots of cool poems taking shape in the hall; then I went down to the golden sand with the Year 3 and 4s. What a buzz of beach poems being scratched in the low tide sand. I am going to do a special post on this.

Then to Tauranga City Library where Penny Guy welcomed us into her space. A good crowd to hear poems from my two new books and local children read. Great poems from St Mary’s Catholic School, Golden Sands School and Maungatapu School. Sadly Kaimai School had the date wrong which was all my fault so I am giving them a free one-hour visit today. It was a terrific occasion where all generations gathered and poetry zipped and shimmered. Thank you Tauranga Libraries. I hope to post some photos.

Then off to an amazing Turkish restaurant with Golden Sand School students, family and teachers for a poem party. What delicious fun. A special thanks to Lynley Skiffington for getting me to the school, her enthusiasm for writing, yummy pasta lunch and getting right into the beach poems. We are together in the first photo.





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