On the way home from Tauranga

On the way home from Tauranga yesterday, I dropped into Kaimai School for an hour to visit the whole school. It is a wee country school that can fit into the library and we fitted a lot of poems into an hour. Some from my books and some we made up. It was freezing outside and drizzling, but inside it was warm and cosy and I could tell there were lots of students passionate about writing (Along with their teachers!). I got to hear a number of budding writers read their poems including George and Steffin.



Next stop: Maungatapu School where I visited Deirdre Duggan’s class. She and her students have contributed to Poetry Box. I was going to stay for thirty minutes but nearly stayed for an hour as we had a mini workshop on writing poems. I especially loved the bird poem which we gathered material for and then edited to show how it could take a different form. Again students and teacher were passionate about writing.

It was such a fantastic visit it was hard to get back on the road to get home. I stopped off at the Woodcutters Cafe for a late lunch and sat under a row of chiming cuckoos. I sat there at 2pm and they all chimed one after the other — but they didn’t chime they made different animal noises. Crazy!

With Deirdre:


With Annie my interviewer extraordinaire:


With Kaley who won James Norcliffe’s book for her winter poem (find it here):


Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 7.49.52 AM

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