Three more cool places to read a book of poetry: a wardrobe, a dress-up box , upside down and a reading cat…..

Last night I had some late arrivals for this challenge and I can’t resist posting them.

Today it was wild and cold at the beach and the thought of snuggling up with a book of poetry in a cosy place was very inviting. My plan for this afternoon! I have a stack of poetry books I want to share on my other blog, NZ Poetry Shelf.  My favourite place is on the long couch by the large window with the big view of the sky and the bush. Bliss!

Thank you so much for sending me these! Very cool.

Jude aged 9, reads tucked in between jackets, inside his Dad’s wardrobe. (Oh how exciting! He is reading my first ever book of poems for children, Flamingo Bendalingo!)

photo 1

Venetia aged 11, and Lyla aged 1, read in the dress up box – cosy! (From Paula: I love the way the gorgeous cat, Lyla, is reading too!)

photo 5

Lyla reads in bed. (From Paula: I wonder what poem she is reading? A cat poem I hope!)

photo 4

Theo, aged 7, reads upside down in the lounge. (Note from Paula: I have never read a poem or a story upside down in my life!)photo 2

photo 3

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