AN UPDATE Posting my favourites in the Treasury Challenges: Here are some cool poem videos!

The video-poem challenge was a tough challenge but Gemma and Daniel from Adventure School in Whitby and Izak from Russley School in Christchurch gave it a go! The results are fabulous. If you click on the link it will take you to YouTube where they posted their work. Wonderful. I have a copy of The Treasury of NZ Poems for Children for Izak.

First up a video poem by Izak. He also managed to lay down the sound of a train. Very cool:

And here’s his poem

THE TRAIN’S MISSION – by Izak, age 9

The engine powering over the railway
putting all of its effort into the one trip
Meeting amazing people
with amazing things
My Dad taking photos of passing cliffs
Steam rising into the air
like a machine cloud-gun
Stepping through carriages on the squiggly bridge
Chocolate ice-cream covering my delighted face
as we return to the station

Next up, Gemma and Daniel. I  think they had fun doing this. All they needed was a digital camera or one on their computer. I loved hearing them read my poems as well as their own.

Dear Paula,

Today we went a bit crazy and created “Poetry TV” for the video poem challenge!!!  We did some of your poems, and some of our poems.  Amber the cat was being a pain so we had to let her join in too. It was very fun!  There are lots of links if you want to watch our poems 🙂

From Gemma and Daniel

The Place At the End of My Bed

At the end of my bed

There is a place

That is sometimes filled with books

And sometimes filled with a cat

And sometimes filled with…


That is uncomfortable

Do you know why?

Because the cat shoves me down

To the end of my bed

And she is happy

With her head on my pillow.

I think in my mind

That she is the person

And I am the cat.

Daniel  Adventure School

At The Table

Some people have a certain place at the table

But I like to change where I sit

Near the window

Or close to the kitchen

Or far away from my brother

Our table is our imagination station

Sometimes it’s covered in books

Sometimes crafty creations

Or science experiments

You name it… you’ll find it on the table at my place

Our table is so old and worn

Every day a new screw falls out

I think the food, water and glue that has

Been spilt on the table over all its years

Is what holds it together

Gemma  Adventure School

3 thoughts on “AN UPDATE Posting my favourites in the Treasury Challenges: Here are some cool poem videos!

  1. Izak's Mum

    The train sound was recorded on Izak’s dad’s phone when they were on the steam train on the Weka Pass Railway.


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