A curiously good book! My Heart is Laughing

MyHeartingIsLaughing_Cover   MyHeartingIsLaughing_Cover

This Junior-Chapter book was published by Gecko Press in May and I have only just read it. I gobbled it up in one sitting and just loved it.

There is much to love.

The gorgeous illustrations by Eva Eriksson (she’s Swedish).

The beautiful look of the book created by Gecko Press.

The terrific story by Rose Lagercrantz (she’s also Swedish).

This is the first sentence of the book: ‘This is a story about Dani, who’s always happy.’

Things happen that make it much harder for Dani to be happy, but whenever things get extra tough she fills her mind with all the best things. Especially when she is feeling alone and nobody at school likes her that much because her best friend has moved away. Apart from a boy called Cushion. And that is part of the problem! Dani likes to rewrite the endings of sad books to give them a happy ending, so I was wondering how this book would end! You will have to discover for yourself as a reviewer should never give this away!

The sentences are diamonds and pearls and emeralds on the page. Not flash and complicated. Just shining and lovely.

The story shows how you can hold onto happy thoughts when the world about you turns to custard (or tomato sauce!). It is an altogether gorgeous, moving story.

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