Under the Ocean: Explore and discover New Zealand’s sea life: terrific book for fact finders

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Under the Ocean: Explore and discover New Zealand’s sea life Gillian Candler with illustrations by Ned Barraud Craig Potton Publishing

Ned: ‘Ned is a talented illustrator with a passion for sea creatures. His work has been published frequently in the School Journal, and he illustrated Moonman (Nov 2014). He works at Weta Digital as a texture artist and lives in Wellington, spending lots of time exploring the seashore with his three young children.’

Gillian: ‘Gillian was a secondary-school teacher before moving into educational publishing with Learning Media in Wellington, where she worked on a wide range of publications for children, including books about science and the environment. She currently works as a writer and an educational publishing consultant from her home in Pukerua Bay. Gillian is passionate about understanding and appreciating New Zealand’s wild places, however close to home they might be.’


For fans of the sea, this is a great book to discover things about our oceans from rays and sharks to tubeworms and sea cucumbers.

Like all good nonfiction books, it has lots of very interesting facts. Here are some of my favourites:

‘Common dolphins work together to herd fish so that is easier to catch them.’

‘Sea cucumbers find food in the mud on the sea floor.’

‘Blue cod can rest on the sea floor by standing on their fins.’

‘Whales need to come up to the surface to breathe, but unlike humans they can choose when to breathe.’

The book also has tips on what we can do. How we can behave near sea creatures. How we can care for the sea environment.


Ned’s illustrations for the book are exquisite. The coral and seals and seahorses come to life on the page so beautifully.

I recommend this book highly for classrooms and any children who love discovering facts about things. Wonderful!


Ned and Gillian have also written these books:

In-the-Garden-cvr-72ppi At-the-Beach-sm

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