Favourite authors

I invited you to send in your favourite authors.

These three young writers did just that. Thank you so much. I enjoyed reading all of these and couldn’t decide which one to send a book to so I put all the names in the hat and pulled out Gemma.

200px-Basil_E_Frankweiler   200px-Basil_E_Frankweiler


I am sending Gemma  From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler by e. l. kronigsbug. I love this book. It was published forty years ago, so it is a classic. A girl runs away to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and it makes it all the more special to me as I have been there. It is part adventure and part mystery and a whole lot more!



220px-TheBFG   220px-TheBFG

I love Roald Dahl because he writes about crazy imaginary things. He plays with words like “am I right or am I left” in the BFG and “you have the Wong number” in Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. I like the funny words he makes up like scrumdiddlyumptious and fantabulous and frobscottle. And I like it how grown ups get in a tangle when they try to say the crazy words that are easy for kids to say!

By Daniel  Age 6, Year 1  Room 1  Adventure School



9781877579936    9781877579936   9781877579936


My favourite author is Joy Cowley. She writes interesting books about all kinds of things, and she can write any kind of book: picture books, readers, non fiction, chapter books and poems. She makes her characters interesting and they do and say funny things. The NZ setting makes her stories extra special. I like that you can read fun books like Mrs Wishy-Washy when you are learning to read and then as you get older you can read her early chapter books like the Wild West Gang, right up to older fiction like Speed of Light. Joy Cowley helps grow the reader inside you. She helps young NZ writers. She visits places and meets her fans. She shows you that stories are more than just words on a page. Joy Cowley is one of the reasons I love books, reading, and writing so much.

By Gemma  Age 8, year 4 Room 8 Adventure School



200px-Skulduggery_Pleasant_book_cover     200px-Skulduggery_Pleasant_book_cover

One of my favourite authors is Derek Landy because he creates really catchy, punchy and humorous dialogue. He also adds a wide range of words, action and reality to his novels. But most uniquely, he appreciates and shows no remorse in killing or seriously harming his characters- the Skulduggery Pleasant series is a MUST-READ!

Ewen W aged 12, Room 20, Year 7, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch

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