Moonman by Ned Barraud — I love every bit and bite of this book

Moonman   Moonman

Moonman, Ned Barraud, Craig Potton Publishing

Ned Barraud is one of those talented people who can tell a story (author) and create pictures (illustrator). He has illustrated lots of books, including the fabulous natural-history series that I flagged on the blog (Under the Ocean is the latest one). And he works as a texture artist for Weta Workshop! I have no idea what that is but it sounds fun.

Craig Potton Publishing is producing some gorgeous picture books for children and this is no exception. This book has lovely paper, a lovely look and a lovely feel to it. This matters in poetry books and picture books.

I love the story. Moonman is the caretaker of the moon. All is good. All is normal.  But one day he catches a ride on a shooting star to a mysterious, blue planet. Then all is strange. All is definitely not normal. Something does not suit him very well at all. I love the way the story unfolds and reaches its end (I am not letting the cat out of the bag on that!).

It is like a story in the age-old tradition of stories (like fables) that has a message. Beware of the grass-is-greener pull. Or ….  travel is wonderful and surprising, new places are wonderful and surprising, but home is home!

I love the sentences: ‘Under twinkling stars he takes his broom and sweeps the moon until its clean and gleaming.’ That’s poetry — simple and clean.

I love the moody blue illustrations that fit the story perfectly. Atmospheric. They make you want to pick up a pen and draw.

Yes, I love every bit and bite of this book, so even though I was tempted to give it away, I am keeping this one to read again!

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