Ewen’s highlight poem

Ewen  wrote this poem about her holiday in Singapore & Malaysia in April and May. Maybe you can write poems about the highs (and lows) of your summer! Go on the hunt for real detail that makes what you do come alaive in the poem. Sounds like Ewen had a fun time D O I N G things on her holiday.

Basking in the Sun
Close to the equator,
basking in the sun,
tasting delicious food,
meeting with family
and friends.

Visiting theme parks,
and attractions:
sliding, jumping,
watching, hydro sliding,
getting wet, swimming
and racing.

A road trip
all around,
getting lost
in a jungle,
an ant

Seeking the best
of each place
that we’d go.

Seeking the fun:
the highs
(and the lows!).

Ewen W aged 12, Room 20, Year 7, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch

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