My last post on Poetry Box for 2014 — a photo album

Letterbox CatIMG_4593IMG_4002ATreasuryOfNZPoemsForChildrenJKT_FNL.indd

Dear poetry fans,

This is my last post for 2014!

I have had a fabulous year, a busy year, a year of glowing highlights.

So thanks to everyone who contributed to Poetry Box, who shared my posts, who read the posts and who sparked children to write and read poems.

This blog would not work without you.

Thanks to everyone who made my poetry tour such a rip-roaring success. Teachers you have worked so hard to help me, along with booksellers, librarians and my publishers. And thanks to Creative New Zealand for making it all possible.

Over summer, I will think about how Poetry Box will work next year. I need more time for some exciting big secret writing projects, some little secret writing projects and just to write whatever comes to me. So while I hope to keep Poetry Box going it will be a bit different as this year was a huge amount of work for me.

The good news is it is something I love to do and I would be very sad not to keep doing it. I have loved reading your poems, especially.

So a very happy summer holidays to you all. I do hope you get time to follow your poetry spark and write a poem or two. Keep a little notebook. Look back through my blog for inspiration. Use the world for inspiration. Try writing in ways you have never tried out before. Have fun with words!

Keep safe!

Love to all,


IMG_4006  IMG_3566_2

Beach poem 2  IMG_6043

photo 4 photo 1

photo 3 photo 5

photo 1 IMG_3929

IMG_3960  IMG_3967

photo  photo

IMG_1689-0 IMG_1693-0 IMG_1701 IMG_0497Russley

IMG_0458Russley IMG_0463Russley IMG_0425Russley IMG_0163IMG_1665 photo Photo on 2014-08-28 at 17.17 photo IMG_1561 IMG_1560 IMG_1557 IMG_1550IMG_1472-0 IMG_1473 20141022-165008-60608206.jpg 20141022-164316-60196634.jpg IMG_1473-0  IMG_1431IMG_1420 IMG_1403 IMG_1427 IMG_1410 20141017-194034-70834631.jpg 20141017-194034-70834105.jpg 20141017-192813-70093749.jpg 20141017-194034-70834873.jpg 20141017-190954-68994199.jpg 20141017-190903-68943068.jpg IMG_1348 IMG_1309-0 IMG_1308-0 20141016-064243-24163917.jpg 20141016-064243-24163313.jpg 20141016-064243-24163625.jpg 20141016-064244-24164829.jpg IMG_1319 20141016-065112-24672122.jpg IMG_1318-020141014-192718-70038103.jpg DSCI0015 20141014-192443-69883604.jpg 20141014-192443-69883964.jpg 20141014-192443-69883782.jpg 20141014-184817-67697326.jpg 20141014-184818-67698138.jpg 20141014-184817-67697850.jpg20141014-151238-54758192.jpg 20141014-073453-27293930.jpg9781775537274 otago076197 A+Winter%27s+Day+in+1939+cover RWC team 3 viewimage IMG_1106 IMG_1100 Paula-page-001 2014-08-14 14.11.09 photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo photo IMG_1038 20140829-101129-36689258.jpg 2014-08-28 16.49.27 photo photo photo photoIMG_0883 IMG_0888 IMG_0876IMG_0828photo 4photoPaula IMG_4588

6 thoughts on “My last post on Poetry Box for 2014 — a photo album

  1. Gemma

    When you look back through the photos, you have certainly had an amazing year inspiring young poets around the country! We have certainly been glad to have been a part of Poetry Box this year, and we are very happy for the blog to be a bit quiet next year if it means there will be some more wonderful works from Paula Green coming! For all that you do – THANK YOU. Best wishes for the festive season and the summer that follows, from Robyn, Glen, Gemma and Daniel Lovewell

    1. Paula Green Post author

      Dear Lovewell family, thank you for your kind words. It has been such a treat and privilege to do something like this. Poetry Box will active be active but in a slightly different way so I have more time. I was sitting at breakfast this morning thinking about possibilities. It is such an interactive blog it is tricky to figure out. Best wishes for the Christmas and the summer months too.


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