Poem Bonanza Monday: S O U N D two challenges and some tips

March is here and our garden is sizzling with sound.

I can hear the tui cadawlingphewphewbrrbrrrwitwit and the cicadas long legs rubbing kzkzkzkzkzkzkzkzkzkzkzkzkzkzkzkzkz

One tui sounds just like our dog Molly and I think Molly is already up! It tricks me every morning!

For me, sound is one of the most delightful and important things about a poem.

I love reading poems that S O U N D good. This doesn’t mean a poem about sound but a poem that sounds good when you read it aloud (although it  might be about sounds).



Some sound tips:

Here are some tips to help make a poem sound good:

1. pick a topic and try collecting words first and then playing with how you put them together (like jamming!)

2. play with how many words you put on a line, keep  the same number or have different numbers. Make a pattern of how many words on each line. Listen. What sounds best?

3. do a test poem with no more than ten words. Listen to it

4. test out different words on the end of the line

5. try hiding rhyme in your poem

6. try finding words that nearly rhyme but don’t quite (stop it, bucket, Antarctica, shark)

7. find words that pop on the line because they sound so good

8. use long words and short words or just words with one syllable. Listen to the difference

9. read your poem out loud and listen to the line that sounds good

10. find a poem by someone else that sounds good. Listen to what it does


A poetry challenge:

1. Read my tips on making a poem sound good.

2. Pick a few to play with.

3. Write a poem.

4. Use no more than 20 words (or a few more is okay).



A second poem challenge:

Find a poem by a New Zealand poet that sounds good. Share it with me and I will see if I can get permission to post it on Poetry Box. Tell me which parts sound good. I will choose up to three and have a book prize for those children or classes that find me a good one. Deadline is same as below.


I will post my favourites and have a book prize for one young poet (Year 1 to 8).

Deadline: Wednesday March 11th

Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, age, year and name of school. You can include your name of teacher and their email address if you like.

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