Some favourite poems from the Summer Poem Challenge

It was such fun getting the first poems of the year in my mail box.  Summer poems! The nights are still steaming hot and I am still swimming at the beach every morning but I can see the first leaves on some of our fruit trees are starting to turn orange and brown.

Thank you for all the summer poems. Here are some of my favourites.

I like the idea of Gemma’s bucket list when buckets are just what you have fun with at the beach. Daniel was very inventive and with the help of his Mum used pictures to end his lines and tell his poem story. Kim‘s poem has sizzling similes perfect for summer and Pearl, Abby and Ewen‘s have sizzling detail. I love the way Jacob and Zara catch the end of summer in their poems. I love the summer mood in Rewiti‘s poem.


Hard to pick but I am sending Rewiti a copy of my book The Letterbox Cat and Other Poems. Congratulations!



Summer is over

I pack summer away

I pack the rosy red roses away

I pack the green leaves away

I pack away the warm air

I pack away the ice-blocks

I pack away the ice-cream


Jacob Age 7. View Road School, Waiuku



Summer is over

I pack away the hot summer

I pack away the wonderful flowers

I pack away the green leaves

We don’t need the sunblock

Time to pack away the tent

We don’t need iceblocks

No more butterflies

Time to pack away singlets and shorts

Summer is leaving


Zara Age 7, View Road School, Waiuku




I can see the wind blowing

The plants swaying across

We went to the beach

The sun danced off the water

I feel the wind rushing across me

I can feel my bag go up and down

as I run home from school

Rewiti Age 8, View Road School, Waiuku


Summer Sun

The sun is a sparkling diamond
It is a large yellow sunflower in the sky
The sun is a sizzling barbeque
It is a huge morning star

Kim, aged 10, Russley School


Waking to Summer

Waking to the sun shining ever so brightly
like a beacon in the sky.
Waking to vivid green leaves, sticking to a tree,
showing the way of the wind.

Waking to find your jandals
searching for your feet.
Waking to dry, hot weather
where rain is a distant memory.

Waking to orange leaves dropping down
leaving the wind to pick them up.
A sign that summer will not stay
and Autumn is already on its way.

Ewen W aged 12, Year 8, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch


Daniel's poem Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 4.39.07 pm

Daniel is Year 2 and aged 6, Adventure School



Bucket List






TV watching


Lots of fish

Interesting experiences

Sharing stories

Time together with wonderful crew


Bucket List!


By Gemma, Age 8, Year 5, Adventure School



It’s summer

Every day’s hot

I love to smell fresh daisies

When I wake up in the morning

I smell honey from the bees

I can hear cicadas clicking

I love listening to the birds chirp

I hear splashing from the pool next door

Running across the burning sand

Splashing in the ocean is refreshing

I feel shells

Rough and smooth

The sun dancing off the ocean

It glimmers

I see fishing boats

Also people swimming

I love summer

It’s the best season ever.


Abby Age 8, View Road School, Waiuku



In my summer there are
Burning suns
Cold lemonade
Ice blocks

In my summer there was
Swimming in the refreshing pool
Running in the emerald grass
Smiles and joy

In my summer there will be
Fresh air
Delighting laughter
Jumping into clean lakes

Pearl, aged nine, Riverhead School

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