World Book Day challenge

Lots of responses to my World Book day challenge.

Thanks so much for sharing why you love books and favourite books you have read this year.

I agreed with so much you said. I want to do this again in a special way sometime!


I am sending a surprise book to Ewen because I really love the way she said a good book becomes part of you:

I love books because you can read them at your own speed, in your own time and there’s a huge range to choose from! So if you like real stuff you could read non-fiction and if you like the ‘made-up’ stuff you could read fiction and so on. Other reasons I love books are: you don’t have to read books all in one go, you can read them over and over again and you can bring them with you! Finally, if you find the right book, in my opinion, it becomes ‘part of you’, it’s truly unforgettable and it may seem as if it’s always in front of you!

Ewen W aged 12, Year 8, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch



I am sending a copy of my book The Letterbox Cat and Other Poems to Mimi because she inspired me to read this book:

The book is called Hope In A Ballet Shoe, you may have heard of it. It is a biography of Michaela DePrince, a girl who currently lives in the United States, but was born in Sierra Leone. She has Vitilligo, and her mother and father died when she was very young. She was later adopted by American parents who took her to their country. Michaela had a dream of being a professional ballerina since her childhood, and now she is dancing for companies all over America. Michaela’s story is very touching, and can move hearts. I cried in the middle of he book. It really inspired me to have hope, and keep doing what you love. If you have not yet heard of this book, it is amazing and is my favourite book that I have read this year.

Mimi, St Peters


I am sending a surprise book to Ben because he inspired me to read this book:

My favourite book I have read this year would have to be My Story Trenches. I like this book because it gives you an insight on what probably happened to most soldiers during World War One. Its not telling to a heroic story where everyone that fights comes home or every battle that’s fought was won, it  tells a story about people fighting in muddy holes in the ground, which is what happened in reality.

Ben H  Year Seven 10 years old St Peters



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