Playing with lines; my favourite poems

What a lot of storm poems I got and how I loved seeing how you played with lines. I could tell some of you had read my tips and tried lots of different things.

Thank you for sending them in! Congratulations if I picked your poem. If I didn’t, remember there are lots more challenges to try each week.

Remember,         I post challenges for you not competitions — as a writer the most important thing for me is how I challenge myself, how I enjoy myself, how I discover things when I write.



I love the way you have played with the length of the lines.

I love the way you have thought about the word on the end of the line.

I love the way you have explored how one line shifts onto the next line.


5   5   5


All these poets deserve  a book from me (and many I didn’t post!). Thanks to a very special poetry family in Wellington, The Lovewells, I have decided to send a copy of a book they donated to Poetry Box, Follow the Swallow by Julia Donaldson … to Vesper at Ilam School.  I love the way all the animals in Julia’s story help send a message to Africa. Thank you Lovewells ! I love the sound of the lines in Vesper’s poem.

9781877579233   9781877579233   9781877579233


I am also sending a copy of Barbara Else’s terrific The Queen and the Nobody Boy to Kate at Selwyn House School. Kate’s poem had such a strong image and mood and that was helped by the way she crafted her lines.


The eye of the storm
As I walk along the tides,

The cold breeze tickles my ears making them pink with frost bite.

The rain makes me drip from head to toe.

And the thunder bursts my ears.














By Erica 11 years old Y7 Selwyn House School




Cloudy afternoon
I fly through thrashing

Sonal Year 5 Nine years old Fendalton Open Air School



I take

a stroll

by the river,


the wind

blows me and

my umbrella

into the air,

and now the river.

Gryffin, aged 10, Year 6, Westend School

Storm Horse

A storm is showing
it shouts and screams
there is a light
it’s a horse

The horse is a raindrop
in the storm
the howl of a wolf
is in my shed
a creak and there is silence
the storm disappeared
my storm horse is delivered

Sophia D Age 7, Ilam School, Year 3.

Storm 1

The clouds
glaring darkly,
the wind
howling loudly,
the rain
is blowing,
in many
strange directions.

Storm 2

The clouds are glaring darkly.
The wind is howling loudly.
The rain is blowing strangley.
The storm isn’t playing kindly!

Ewen W aged 12, Year 8, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch



The Raining Storm

Raining with every raindrop
a mini-lightning.
The people go
inside their houses.

Written by: Ronnie age: 7 Year: 3 Ilam Primary (Christchurch)


Whispering Whispering
In the storm I
heard whispering
echoing across
the valley going wooooooo

The dog
hit his
leg and
howled and

Name:        Vesper W Age: 5 Year: 2 Ilam School



Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 3.36.39 PM

By Lucy J Year 8 Selwyn House


Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 3.42.22 PM

by Reilly 12 years old  Year 8 Selwyn House School




Brew and bubble clouds of ink,
under the mantle of darkness coil and strike!
roar and grind in my cauldron black

Invade the heavens with crooked claws,
and lash like whips upon those below.

Eliza Meekings 12 year 8 Selwyn House


Cruising Storm

The ocean’s waves crashing against the rocky cove,
diving deep below the surface.

There’s a silence,

Kate  aged 9 Selwyn House School


Bravo everyone who wrote a poem!

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