Using your ears: some of my favourite poems

Letterbox Cat

There was a slight mix-up with ‘storm‘ being a topic for two weeks in a row. But they were two different challenges! Thanks for sending in all the poems. I loved reading them.

With this challenge I asked you to use your ears. To listen to what you wrote as you wrote and after you had written it.

It was very easy for me to pick these two favourites as they sing in my ear so beautifully. They sound so very, very good. I love the way the words pop on the lines, the different lengths of lines (poems can have same length lies too!), the way the lines flow. Test them out for yourself!

Because they sound so good they make strong moods in the poems too.

I am sending both young poets a copy of my book The Letterbox Cat. Congratulations!


I Know It’s Raining

Just me and him,
Behind the sofa,
Next to the fire.

He’s purring,
His soft, grey fur is vibrating on my lap,
But I can’t hear him.
Because it’s raining.

I know it’s raining.
The fat drops were endlessly throwing themselves before carelessly splashing the wet window.

He stares out the window, glad to be inside.
It’s dark outside but we can hear it.
Like thunder,
You can just hear the wind,
Howling like an unloved dog.

Torrential rain,
The fire,
And us,
From the storm, that we know is there.

by Beth M, aged 7, Ramarama School



The Storm

Dark, gloomy, cold.

A place of sadness,

A place of wildness,

No life remains.


The sun is hidden

Behind thick rain clouds in the sky.

The world is grey and dull.

The sea washes onto the beach,

The sand disappears under piles of trash.

The once busy pier

Is deserted and crumbling into the sea.


By Maya W Age 7 St Andrews College, Christchurch




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