An Ode to Autumn is a very fine thing

Ewen wrote a magnificent ode to autumn so I thought I would post it as we are now in the thick of this season. The mornings are crispy cold at the beach. The leaves are starting to fall. I love the sound of Ewen’s poem and the the way the images and the mood grows. Wonderful!

This is what Ewen said:

I wrote my ode about Autumn. The last and second to last lines rhyme, even though they didn’t need to but I thought they sounded better that way. I also read an ode  which was called Ode to Pablo’s Shoes. I liked how it sounded good when I read it out.

Ode to Autumn

From majestic trees
drop brown leaves,
the wind sweeping them
into nearby gutters.

Rain comes to visit
along with dark sky,
out from hibernation
and into their time.

The flowers of spring
limp and brown,
the sun of summer
chased far away,
the scarves of winter
not yet to be found,
but the leaves of Autumn,
are in abundance all ’round.

Ewen W aged 12, Year 8, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch

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