My favourite odes to things


So many poems about things. So many things coming to life in poems. Such  great detail. So many lines that sing in your ears.

Thank you so much for getting busy with poems about things. I loved reading them all but couldn’t post all my favourites. There so many! If you missed out this time do try my holiday challenges and all my Monday challenges next term.

I am sending a surprise book to William, Frances and Gryffin. Congratulations!



Ode to my teddy bear

I’ve had him

ever since I was born.

I sleep with him

every night.

He isn’t furry

any more

because I hugged

all the fur off him.

I called him teddy/ted.

He has cute outy ears

and little paddy hands.

Daisy,   Age: 8,  Ilam School



Ode To a Slide

Comes in all colours

And shapes,

Mostly found in playgrounds,

With all the swings

And other things,

Children climb my

Tarnished ladder

All the way to the top,

Then slide down joyfully

And do it all again,


They all leave me here,


By Fia R Age 9, West End School, Palmerston North




Ode to a Blackboard

Crisp black

in the manic classroom

having chalk

scraped across

its lifeless area,

just sitting there

staring at the students

next to the teacher,


kids take zero interest in me

because of the noise I make

if you dare to scratch me!


By Gryffin P, 10 years old in Y6 at West End School, Palmerston North


Ode to a Necklace

That necklace I wear
Under the moon
The way it gleams
Underneath my chin
Joy to that blinding glimmer
How it enchants that muddy old riverbank
to a mirror of light
And leaves patterns in the air
You can’t see them, but they’re there
Those hot summer roads
Become velvet pathways
Give praise to the necklace
That gives off that touch

Frances, 8 years, Ilam School


Ode to lunch box

When the bell rings

I only want you

My little red rectangle

I open you eagerly

Hoping for you to fill my taste buds

Thank you for your services

For the past five years

Will you come with me

For my two years at intermediate?

Thimeth, age 10, Ilam School, Christchurch


Ode to Hagley Park

Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 12.37.12 PM

Finlay, aged 8, Fendalton Open Air School, Christchurch


Ode to Swimming

I praise swimming

because of the way

the water moves

from one side

to the other.


Because of how cold

and how warm

and how deep the water gets.


The way flippers help

with kicking in the water

and how fast

they let you go.


The way the flippers bend automatically.

The way the water reflects your face

so you can see

how you look.

William S, Aged 7, Year 3, St Andrews School


I Love Ponies

I love the smell of fresh clean ponies when they snuggle up to you,
Ponies are my love.

I hear the soft whinny when they come to see what you are doing,
Ponies are my love.

When they make the wind blow through my hair, when they let you do whatever they want on them,
Ponies are my love.

Lily, Year 3, Aged 7, St Andrews School

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