Four ANZAC poems by NZ children


Dear young poets,

Thanks for all the ANZAC poems you have sent in. I especially loved those with strong detail, real detail. That’s what helps make the mood in a poem strong. I will post a few each day until about Tuesday. So there is still time to try my challenge at the weekend. Look back at my post here for tips on how to write your poem.

Best wishes for the holiday weekend,

from Paula x


Forever Lost


remembering the dead,



a red paintbrush,

dropped in the lake,


Barbed wire,

a muddy pile,




in the cupboard,


No longer,

the roar of planes,

no-man’s land.

Natalie H Age:10 Year:6 School: Fendalton Open-Air School, Christchurch



smells like smoke

sounds like the Last Post

looks like a battlefield

tastes like mud

feels like shattered glass


by Phoenix, YR 6, Russley School, Christchurch




smells rotten

sounds like the last post

looks like 18,000 graves

feels broken

by Farren, YR 6, Russley School, Christchurch


Dying soldiers

guns shooting terrifyingly

war planes shockingly firing


smells like smoke

shooting scary guns

killing poor innocent


poppy fields at the

last post


by Kim S, year 6, Russley School, Christchurch


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