Two outstanding poems by children for ANZAC Day

As you discover following this blog, and reading and writing poems, poems can do anything. These two ANZAC poems are very different from each other, but stand out for me.

Gemma‘s poem starts with an important question. It reminds us that war affects all people, on and off the battlefields. It changes the way lives are lived. I really love the way she has thought about it.

Daniel has taken the poppy and used that to make a terrific picture poem (a shape poem). What makes his poem even better is the way he has thought of good detail for his poem. Strong detail. He has written a poppy poem that we could wear!

Congratulations on all the thought and exploration and creativity you both put into your poems, Gemma and Daniel. I have a surprise book for each of you.

I will post more poems over the next few days … have a lot to read yet!


What About the Women?

Where were the women

In the war?

They did indeed stay home

But their life changed


On the farm

Harvesting crops

Getting thin

Doing the work of men


In the factories

Building bombs

Turning yellow

Sulphur was to blame


Where else were women

In the war?

They didn’t all stay home

And their life changed


On the front line

Hospitals, trains and ships

Nursing wounded soldiers

Burying the dead


In the air and on the sea

Even in disguise

Posing as men

Doing what needed to be done


Where else were women

In the war?


Mothers. Sisters. Daughters. Lovers.


Broken hearted when their men didn’t come home.


Gemma L   Age 9, Year 5   Adventure School, Whitby



Screen shot 2015-04-24 at 10.32.35 AM

Daniel L, Aged 6, Year 2 Adventure School, Whitby

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