Three more ANZAC poems by children

Some more ANZAC poems with shining detail, great rhythms and strong moods. Thank you!



The sky is black as coal.

My heart is pounding.

As my mind wanders

The unstoppable sound

of ammunition surrounds me

The rats scuttle uncontrollably,

brushing my feet with their wiry fur

This is a living hell

Campbell, Year 7, Age 11, St Peters School



The Battleship

The spearhead of a mighty empire prepared for its doom

Shells and machine gun fire whistle overhead

Unnoticed danger lay ahead undetected

Awaiting its chance to snatch it’s first and last victim

Drifting closer and closer

The call of mine goes up among the ship… but too late

Boom! Molten steel and shrapnel goes flying

The spearhead is gone

Despair is in the air


my name is Samuel, year 7 and am 11 years old and i am at St Peters School.

The Battlefield

In the trenches

The gun shots pound

The soldiers tremble all around

The bombs go off

The shrapnel spread

They take their guard and

Storm the land

where none shall pass

Some will lose

Others will win

But they will always be remembered

My name is Alex K. I am year 7 and 11 years old. I am at St Peters School Cambridge.

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