Final ANZAC poems by children


Thanks for all the poems you sent in over the past few days. It was a real treat to read them all. I couldn’t post them all but I could tell you all loved writing and I look forward to reading more poems from you over the year.

Poems are such a good way to remember, to celebrate, to mourn, to show something about the world we live in, past, present or future. Real or imagined.

Here are the last ANZAC poems I have picked.



I stand in the trench, hidden in mud

Men all around me covered  in blood

The explosions stop

I wait to peek to see who has won

Until I hear the deafening sound of a gun

All hope is lost

My heart stops

We all are shot

Falling down

Now I am lying on the muddy ground

I painfully and slowly rise

But everyone else has a still body

And lifeless eyes

lest we forget the soldiers that gave their lives

This is my ANZAC poem my name is Zoe F.  I am a year seven at St Peters School.


Poppies of remembrance 🌹

Petals like an ember,
They sit in the ground,
They help us remember,
The gunfire sound.

Together the poppies look just  like a fire,
And as the poppies grow, the fire gets higher.
Lest we forget the men who have died.

Jordan H, I’m in year7, I go to St. Peters Cambridge and I’m 11 years old.


Lest We Forget

25th April is a day
where we remember,
a day when many
lost their lives
on the battlefield in Gallipoli.

Though it tore families apart,
it also bonded them closer
as each battalion,
group and contingent
fought collaboratively as one.

Sacrificing anything
and everything,
the recruits
young and old,
fought bravely
representing our country
with pride.

100 years on,
we carry their stories,
in our poppies
pinned tightly
to our hearts.
Lest We Forget.

Ewen W aged 12, Year 8, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch

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