Poetry Box NZ Book review by a child: Gryffin on Stranded


Stranded by Jan Thorburn, published by Mallinson Rendel

Stranded is a survival story with the same scenario like most survival stories but uses unique characters and scenes, making a lovely story that grabs you and never wants to let you go!


About The Author:

Jan Thorburn has a passion for writing books and writes many books for kids aged between 10-12 including books about New Zealand and adventure. Jan had a job of a teacher teaching late primary/intermediate kids.


About The Publisher:

The publisher of Stranded (and all of Jan Thorburn’s books) are published by Mallinson Rendel an independent publisher from Wellington. The publisher has won many New Zealand book publisher prizes for his work.


About Me:

My name is Gryffin, I’m 10 years old. I was born in Australia and moved to Palmerston North when I was 4. My hobbies include writing, traveling and annoying my big brother! I have currently had two poems published on poetry box.


Note from Paula: This fabulous adventure story has two characters that are really different from each other but both have to solve a big problem  … the problem of getting stranded. I like the way the characters are so different.

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