My favourite short short stories are WOW!

Thanks for all the short short stories you sent in. I was inspired to do this challenge by the delicious short short stories in the picture book called The King and the Sea (Gecko Press).

I have picked two stories to post that have characters and a bit of dialogue and a little something happening! And I picked another little story that made me wonder/ wander. I loved the popping imagination in Stina and Ewen’s stories — the beautiful sentences and the terrific endings. And the way Venetia played with a word. Congratulations on being posted.

I am sending Stina a copy of my book, The Letterbox Cat and other poems. It was a big coincidence Stina sent me her story before I visited the school  … so I got to meet and work with her this week.


The Bird in the Painting

The lonely bluebird in the painting watched the strange creatures. They were getting out interesting boxes, and placing them gently on the table. The bluebird watched in horror as they started tearing the boxes to pieces and taking out hideous black rectangles. The creatures warbled happily and tapped like mad at the rectangles, pressing them to their ears. Hazy colours flashed across the rectangle, which dazzled the shocked bluebird. The rectangles emitted loud noises that hurt the bluebird’s ears. He shook his head. ‘There must be something very wrong in the heads of those ugly, featherless birds that live in this odd nest,’ he thought, and he went back to minding his own business.

Stina E, 10 years old, Year 6 at Chelsea Primary School.


The Lily and the Daffodil

“Why is the sky crying?” Asked the Lily.

“Because the clouds are sad,” replied the Daffodil.

“But why are they crying on us?” Asked the Lily.

“Because they hope that we won’t run away from them like everybody else,” said the Daffodil.

“They just want to have fun?”

“Yes, and they want to be like everybody else.”

The Lily and the Daffodil looked up.

The clouds stopped crying and began to smile.

The Lily and the Daffodil dozed off, satisfied,

under the watchful eye of the clouds.

Ewen W aged 12, Year 8, Cobham Intermediate School, Christchurch



Once upon a girl…

had wonder.


“Mummy… what is”

“no. don’t wonder”


She wandered,

for wonder.


If she ever found it,

we wonder.


Wonder is all around us.


Venetia I am 11 yrs old. I go to Kowhai Intermediate in Auckland. I am Yr 7. I have included some speech, and it is 10 lines long. I have chosen the incorrect grammar intentionally, for emphasis. I was inspired to write this by a book that I have just read called Wonder. It has immediately gone to my favourite-books list and I recommend it everyone from about 9 to 100!!!! Amazing book. (Note from Paula: I agree!)

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