Poetry Bonanza Tuesday: What I did at the weekend, a challenge and my cat news


Weetbix and Molly (the dog who swims like a concrete mixer!)

This weekend I went to the Auckland Writers Festival which filled me with the joy of words. I heard wonderful stories and breathtaking poems.

What did I love about them? How did some stories and poems catch hold of me while others didn’t? It is a BIG question and there is no one straight answer to it. There are lots of answers!

Some authors said REAL DETAIL helps their writing. I agree. I f you write a poem about a big thing like love (how you love your mum for example) and you go hunting for real detail (about your mum for example) the poem matters so much more.

When I visit school I discover how many of you love cats. So I thought this week the challenge will be to write a cat poem with lots of REAL DETAIL. If you have read my books you will know I have written lots of cat poems because we have three cats.  But sadly one of our cats (Weetbix) has died recently so now we just have two cats. He was the cat that ate everyone’s food! So we have been sad.


Here are some tips on writing a cat poem with good detail:

1. Hunt for words before you start writing.

2. What does the cat look like?

3. What does the cat like to do?

4. What does the cat like to eat?

5. Is there anything unusual about the cat?

6. What moods does the cat have?

7. Where does the cat like to sleep.

8. Try writing the poem with no more than 5 words on a line.

9. Try writing a cat poem with good detail that uses no more than 20 words.

10. Try putting a popping simile in your poem.

11. Make sure you have the best word for the job when you are describing something.

12. Try out three different endings. Which do you like best?

13. Try three different titles.

14. Have fun!


DEADLINE for your Cat-Poem Challenge: Thursday May 28th

Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, year, age and name of school. You can include your teacher’s name and email.

PLEASE say it’s for the Cat-Poem challenge. Put in the subject line of the email please.

I will post my favourites and have a book for a poet (Year 0 to Year 8).

PS I have a very cool cat book for one poet!



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