Gemma (9) reviews Scarecrow Army by Leon Davidson



Scarecrow Army by Leon Davidson Black Dog Books 2006


This book is about the ANZACs at Gallipoli and the challenges they faced. It contains true stories and diary entries that give you an idea about the harsh reality of soldier’s lives at Galliopli.

I liked that the author included actual diary entries, and put information about the pieces of writing afterwards. It taught me a lot and helped me to understand.

I wish that this mind-pulling book had more intriguing letters and fascinating info, so that it would be both awesome and thick at the same time… because I didn’t want it to end.

One thing I liked was the precise and descriptive language. Another thing readers should know is that it is quite complex to read – but in a good way!

I think that this book is for advanced, confident readers who can cope with sadness and WW1 ideas.

This is a fabulous book and I give it five out of five for greatness. It got into the finals for the New Zealand post book awards, for a good reason. I love this book!


Gemma is in Year 5 and aged 9. She goes to Adventure School in Whitby.


Leon Davidson grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand and spent some time in Australia. He has had lots of different jobs: dishwasher, a house painter, in a call centre and in a chicken factory. Scarecrow Army is Leon Davidson’s first book and Red Haze was his second. When he was a boy he dreamed of becoming a soldier but now he is against armed conflict.

You can find an interview with Leon on The Scarecrow Army here.

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