Squishy Squashy Birds by Carl van Wijk and Alicia Munday: I have a copy to give away


Squishy Squashy Birds by Carl van Wijk and Alicia Munday (Potton & Burton, 2015)


Alicia used to love dreaming up stories when she was little. Then when she got to be an adult she worked in advertising. Now her two boys have inspired her to write for children.

Carl used to hang out in New Zealand forests when he was a boy sketching birds. He has also chosen to work in advertising since he has grown up. He now lives in Tokyo, in Japan.

The title is important because the birds are squashed to fit on the page! In a good way! That is pretty much all you see. Big beautiful native New Zealand birds. It is like close-ups of birds so you can really see the feathers, the colours, the beaks, the claws. My favourite page is the kiwi page. Wonderful!

The title is also important because in the story the birds are squashed in the book which is squashed in Sammy’s school bag. The birds don’t like being squashed in a book in the stuffy dark! You get to hear what they would rather be doing!

I love what happens when Sammy opens the book to show all the class. Imagine if your room fills with glorious birds when you open this book!

I adore the imagination and I adore the detail, but the poet in me found the rhymes a bit clunky.

I have one copy of this beautiful book for a child that is six years or under who tells me their favourite New Zealand bird and why they  like it.

Send to paulajoygreen@gmail.com. Include your name, year, age and name of school.



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