My favourite cat poems

Lots of lovely cat poems thank you. Sorry  couldn’t post them all!  I loved the detail in your poems and the way the cats have come alive with your choice of words. These poems are all different but great to read. Congratulations if I picked your poem to post.

I like to share books around rather than say I am picking winners of my challenges! I love all the poems I post but this time I am sending the cat book to Imogen.





My cat is scared of everything

My cat is scared of everything

When Dad puts the chainsaw on outside

She runs back indoors like a maniac

Her tail in knots, her paddy paws thumping like a thunderbird

My sister calls her “scatty catty”


My cat is scared of everything

When someone creaks opens the pantry

She scampers up into her cat tower

Her eyes like an owl, her whiskers in a twist

My mum calls her “chicken kitten”


When she sees a scary part in my How to Train Your Dragon dvd

She leaps high in the air

Her fur sticking out like a puffer fish, her tummy vibrating like a wobbly jelly

My dad calls her “wussy pussy”


My cat is scared of everything

When it is really stormy outside

She snuggles right up to my pillow

And she purrs me to sleep like someone telling a bedtime rhyme

I call her “my hot water bottle”

Daniel Age 6, Year 2, Adventure School



Blood red whiskers,

eyes like bubbles,

his ginger fur

skims past lamp posts

Silence falls until…


you’re in trouble!

Poppie-Belle Year 6  10 years old   Fendalton Open Air School


Screen shot 2015-05-28 at 4.04.01 PM

Gemma Age 9 Year 5, Adventure School


My Cat Crystal
Mattered fur, swishing tail
Goggly eyes, staring at the door
Dancing at the door, meowing endlessly for food,
Every morning & night
Sound asleep in the front yard snoozing
Running because she doesn’t want to be held!

Imogen R, Age 9, Year 5, Kenakena School




fluoro green eyes,

in the dark of night,

ink black,

tail swishing,



claws swiping,


Natalie Age: 10 Year: 6  Fendalton Open-Air School



A flash of white in the middle of the night

A flash of white in the middle of the night,

The clouds, the sun, the moon, the sea, is my little Artie.

He is the sun, he is the moon and he is the one, the single sun,

But most of all, he is my Artie.
My cat is like

My cat is like a phoenix, he rises majestically, to the skies he will rise.

My cat is as ginger as cinnamon, ground in the pot.

My cat is like Queen Nefertiti with his beautiful green-eyed stare.

My cat is like a ballerina as he leaps through the air.

both poems by Imogen 7 years old Year 3 Homeschooled


The Story of Cali

On a wild wet track

Walked past the flax


A strange



Followed the sound

And finally found





Wrapped in a towel

With a tiny meow





Fed the cat

Brushed out the matts





Found a new home

Never alone





Now the Queen of laps

Can just relax




Daniel Age 6, Year 2, Adventure School  (This cat turned up lost at Daniel’s place and now his Nan has it! Wonderful. We ended up with a lost cat too that nobody wanted.)



2 thoughts on “My favourite cat poems

  1. Andrew M. Bell

    Do you think Daniel, aged 6, meant his cat was “scared of everything”? I like this cool outcome of maybe a typo ( is there such a thing as a pencilo or a crayono or a writeo?) so that his cat is “sacred of everything”. After all, cats were gods and goddesses in Egypt and they’ve never forgotten it!


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